Looking Back While Looking Forward

I’ve had blogs before but over time I’ve lost them due to changing web sites, building new ones and so on.  However, there was also not much time for me to post blogs because my hands were more then full with life and work.  There’s a long story that goes with all of that and that will be for another blog post at another time.  Today is all about new beginnings and looking forward.

2016 was, without a doubt, the best year of my life.  In January I met the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world.  Mary.  Mary filled my life with so much happiness, laughter and light.  I had a very long period of darkness and sadness due to the loss of my first wife, again the subject for another day and another blog.

I asked her to marry me in June, moved into a new home in August and got married in October.  Now we have just finished our first Christmas as a new blended family.

As we get ready to jump into 2017 there are so many new and exciting adventures in front of us.  So many moments yet to be lived.  We are planing a cruise for my daughters birthdays in April and planing to buy a house later this year.

But those are all blogs for another day.  Today is just a jumping off point.  A beginning, a start.

In future blogs I’ll introduce my self, my family but most of all, I’ll introduce my business and the amazing brides I work with every weekend.  So, subscribe to this new blog and follow the happenings not only on a personal level but with Midnight Magic Studios as well.    So long 2016 and hello 2017.